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Due to COVID - 19 our Mission Trip Chile in June has been postponed. Stay tuned for details. One of the projects we are supporting is the Pehuenche indigenous community which lives in a remote area called Trapa Trapa in the Andes Mountains in Chile.

We have met the most amazing people who have been isolated due to extreme weather conditions and rural location. Only a few have electricity, they have to grow their own food and have no public transportation. Their winters are rough, they get over 4 feet of snow, and there’s a river that rises where no vehicle can pass to reach them. In February, we’re going back with a group of young adults, to provide supplies, health services, construction aid, and more things the 70 families we’ve visited need.


We are currently in the process of building a service center in Mombasa, Kenya. This center will provide counseling and vocational training to men, women and children in the area. Some of the vocational training classes offer include sewing, soap-making and purse-making. However, we are in need of funds for material in these projects. If you are interested in making a difference visit our contact page or donate. 

At this time we are supporting twenty one children's education and we would love to increase that number with your help. For a hundred dollars you can send a child to elementary school for an entire year. For one hundred and fifty dollars you can send a teenager to junior high school. In order to send a child to a good high school in Kenya it only costs three hundred and fifty dollars. If you would like to support these children's education write "education" on your donation. We hope that with your help we can make a difference in the lives of these women and children.

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